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Cost Effective Goods Delivery Services

Booking A Goods Delivery Vehicle Has Never Been Easier" Logistics is always a integral part of business and has always given businesses more problems than others. Even having your own lorry doesn't solve the problem. Absent drivers, vehicles breakdown, excessive maintenance and fuel expenses, traffic offenses and rising cost are perennial problems
At OYOLO.in, we believe that businesses should spend more time managing their sales than to manage their deliveries. We take care of your logistics needs by using the easiest way to book local and regional trucks on demand whether on mobile or PC or we are just a call away. We back up every shipment with outstanding customer service and the latest technology, all for free. Our carriers are reliable and trustworthy. Every truck and driver in our network is equipped with the mobile app to provide you with real-time shipment trackings, status updates, and on-time deliveries.

When you book shipments with OYOLO.in, you get:
• Peace of mind that you will get a truck when you need one.
• Charges that are competitive and transparent
• Real-time tracking and tracing of your shipment
• Notifications when your shipment is picked up and is delivered
• Images of your shipment and the signed Bill of Delivery delivered instantly to your account
• Outstanding customer service